Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Some X Rays I finally got

Hi everyone,

Not stamping related I know but I went back to the specialist today to see about getting my full cast on. The bad news is that one of my scars is still wet so the specialist is now concerned about infection. He has placed me on strong antibiotics and I have to go back and see him at Campbelltown this time next Friday. This means that no full cast for me for the time being. Hopefully the antibiotics work as I don't think I could handle having to go back into hospital. For that matter I don't think my poor DH would cope either. He has been fantastic and the best DH anyone could hope for. He has seen me at my worst and still hasn't run for the hills.

I do have some pictures to show you. I picked up a soft copy of my X-Rays so can load some up for you. The first two were taken the day I was admitted to the ED at Nepean.

You can clearly see the break in this one.

I believe this one was taken before they put my disclocated ankle back into place.

This last one was taken today. When I left hospital my discharge papers said that I had 1 one plate and 5 screws. Well have a look at this one.

That is actually two plates and 12 screws!!! The specialist is happy with the way it is healing - just concerned about infection.

Anyway just a little something for you to check out.

'Til next time,



Debbie Lamb said...

You're certainly in the wars - fingers crossed that those antibiotics deal to the infection, quick smart! Sure is a nasty break.

Andrea said...

you poor thing. I hope that the wounds heal and you can get your cast on soon. I am finally starting to feel a little better but still a way to go. thanks for your kind thoughts.


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