Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I am Backkkkkk!!!!!

Hi everyone,

Wow my last post was back on the 13th May and now it is nearly the end of May. What have I been doing I hope you are asking?

DD8 is in her school Y1-Y2 Dance Group. They have a performance on the 6th June and someone needed to make the costumes. You would have thought that out of 30 girls and boys more than one Mum could sew, surely!!! But apparently not. So for the past few weeks my formal lounge/dinning room has been turned into a sewing room.

Fact: Did you know that it takes approx 5-7 mins to overlock (serge) around a full circle skirt? This means that with two layers of tulle and the skirt itself that is 15 to 20 mins to overlock. No wonder each skirt took nearly 2 hours to complete!!!

Anyway here are some photos of my what I have been up to.

The dinning room table with overlocker and sewing machine. My sewing machine is 20 years old (DH bought it for me for my 21st). The overlocker was my Mum's and is probably closer to 25 years old. It's funny but during this process I could hear my Mum say "I wouldn't do it that way". "It would look better if you did it like this". Mum was an amazing sewer and even made my Dad's suits so she knew what she was doing. I wish I had paid more attention to her.

These are some of the small sizes. If you look you can see a blue checked dress. What do you think they may be performing?

These are the some of the mediums.

Another chair with some more on it. These are the some of the large ones. Yes there is a black stripped one. Does that help with you working out their dance?

A closer view of the skirts.

What the boys are wearing. I said to the teacher that next year I don't care what the dance is but they are all wearing shorts. These took about 40 mins to whip up!!!

Any way I am off to convention tomorrow. My first one YAY!!! So I need to go back and finish off my swaps. I plan to post my convention swap tomorrow. I am excited but a little stressed. Can't wait to meet Shelli and all the fabulous demo's that I have been stalking, I mean following in blog land.

Thanks for looking.

'Til next time,


1 comment:

Margaret said...

Ummm...WOW!! I am so glad it was you and not me! Of course, no one would ask me to sew these!
By looking at the blue and white gingham, I'm guessing Wizard of OZ?
Hope you have a fabulous time at convention! After all of that sewing, you deserve some paper crafting time!!


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