Sunday, September 2, 2012

It seemed like a good idea at the time!!!!

Hi everyone,

Just a bit of background behind the title of this post. I am the convenor of parents group for the school that my DD's go to. The parents group is active in organising the Mothers Day and Fathers Day stalls, along with a few other things that I am sure you will hear of a bit later this year if you come back and read my blog.

Well Fathers Day is today (just in case you either forgot or are visiting from another country who doesn't celebrate it on the 1st Sunday in September). After organising and wrapping all the gifts (665 of them), I decided it would be nice for all the kids at school to get a hand made card too. Not all kids purchase gifts from the Fathers Day stall and some of them often look upset when they walk away empty handed, so hence the reason for making the cards. We have nearly 700 kids at school so I made just over 700 cards. So as I said in the title "It seemed like a good idea at the time."

Here are the cards that I made. Unfortunately due to timing I wasn't able get a picture of the piles of cards.

I know not all of the images are current ones and yes, shock horror,  on 30 of the cards I did use a non SU! embossing folder but I think you might forgive me this time.

I made 90 of each card using different colours. Yes I did cut out all of the ties on the tie card. I haven't worked out the math but there was a lot of cutting involved (ties, cars, sails, balloons) and a lot of Stamp-a-ma-jigging but as I have said to the teachers it is something I do, and enjoy doing it. I also popped my stamp on the back of the cards so I may get some interest - you never know.

Anyway I am off to cook DH his bacon and eggs for breakfast. Hope you have a great day.

Thanks for looking.

'Til next time,



Kristin said...

Wow...700 cards? That is amazing. They are great cards and I am sure all the kids were grateful as well as the parents.

Hassan Ashraf said...

This is such a sweet and thoughtful idea! LOVE it! Thanks for sharing.
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Shari Fritz said...

You deserve an award! Your cards are great, especially when you're talking 700 of them. It sounds like something that I would have taken on. A few years ago, before the petite purse die, I made 175 little purse favors for a ladies church function. I did have a friend helping me cut out all 175 of them! : ) Anyway, I hope all the Father's that received the cards appreciated them.

Margaret said...

What an incredibly selfless and caring gesture! These are AWESOME and I know you made their day by offering them these great cards for Dads!! With all of your hard work and kindness, good things are sure to come your way!

Michelle Le Breton said...

Thankyou so much. My kids took home one of your cards (the balloon one and ship one) and they are amazing. I am a demo too, so I appreciate all the hard work and materials that went into these. It must have taken you ages, so I can see what you mean when you say it was a good idea....
Look forward to meeting you in the product playground.


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