Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Countdown to Christmas 2012 - Day 5

Hi everyone,

Yay! I am back as promised with today's actual post. This year I decided that I would get a lot more involved with my DD's school. The school has a Parents Group which is a sub-committee of the P&C. Well I decided I would volunteer to be the convenor. I am so very glad that I did - however the Parents Group is responsible for organising and doing a lot of things for the kids. Every year the Parents Group puts on a Pantomime for the K-2 kids. As convenor it fell to me to organise it. Luckily I don't need to worry about the script as we have three and rotate them, so no child gets to the see the same one. We also organise a gift that Santa gives the children at the end of the Panto. This year I decided I would make rosettes as ornaments. Well I got through 150 of them and decided there was no way I was going to be able to finish the next 150 so I put them aside. This is what I came up with instead.

I used the cool new thin cellophane bags from Stampin' Up! and managed to get 9 jelly beans per bag. You can put any manner of items into these cellophane bags. A pencil works great especially if you don't want to give lollies. After stuffing 300 of them I decided that they needed a topper, so I used Tags Til Christmas, the 1" Square Punch and the Scallop Square Punch.

Here is a picture of the toppers. Do you know how long it takes to punch, snail and attach these toppers to 300 cellophane bags? A long time but it was worth it.

What is more I think the Panto was a success and the kids seemed to enjoy it.

Thanks for looking.

'Til next time,



Helen said...

Gee, you sure have been busy lately Juliette. You must be super organised as I'm tired just thinking about what you've been up to LOL! Your jelly bean bags look great. I helped my friend make about 40 of these for the Friendship Service at church yesterday but ours had M & M's. They were serving Christmas lunch and each place setting had one of these and a Tea for Two bag as well. Hope the old folk liked them.

Margaret said...

Oh my! You have been one busy Mama! The little treats are so cute and festive and I can completely understand why you chose them over the ornaments (300 rosettes? Yikes!) and I'm sure the children appreciated the jelly beans too!


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