Monday, November 9, 2009

The reason for not being creative

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to share with you the reason for no creative inspiration. This weekend was my eldest daughters dance concert and  it was her first. Although she has been dancing since last year - she was not able to perform in last years concert for reasons I won't go into. Those that know me understand the reason.

Anyway this year I was lucky enough to be able to assist back stage. I have to say the dance teachers at Lara's dance school Tania's Strictly Dancing are amazing. Everything went so smoothly, and they are amazingly patient with girls that are so excited, who can't wait to go on stage, and who don't know the meaning of the word "quiet"!

Anyway here is a picture of my precious Lara all dressed up and waiting to go:

And here is a picture of her dance class:

Now that is all over for the year I am now ready to get the creative juices flowing again. Hopefully I will have something different for you soon.

That's all for now


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