Tuesday, December 20, 2011

2011 Countdown to Christmas - Day 19

Hi everyone,

Yes another day late and I am hoping to have a second post ready later on today so I can stay as much on schedule until Christmas Day.

Yesterday was an emotional day for me as it was DD5 last day at preschool. I had a good cry when we left. Not so much at the fact that she is growing up so quickly but more because I am going to miss the teachers so much. Anyway this post is showing you what I made the teachers this year for their gifts.

And here is the front view.

All up this year I have made about 10 of these babies and I am all sleighed out. I still have one left to make for us but it will have to wait until next year!!!

Thanks for looking.

'Til next time,



Margaret said...

This sleigh is adorable! A perfect holder for the goodies and a wonderful decoration as well!

Nanny Kate said...

Clever clogs! How cute is that sleigh? What a gorgeous gift.


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