Thursday, December 1, 2011

Summer Mini Catalogue and December Frenzy

Hi everyone,

Be warned. I will be posting twice today!!! I know shock horror!!! This first post is to inform you that the Summer Mini Catalogue is now live. There are some gorgeous products available to you from today. I have had my hands on these products for nearly a month and I still haven't run out of ideas to use them. You will even see some in my up coming posts for my count down to Christmas. Now if you want your own copy of the mini, email me and I will send one out to you. Why don't you take this opportunity to look at hosting a workshop? If there is something that catches your eye in the mini then contact me and I can come along and demonstrate the products to you and your friends.

The second part of this post is to let you know that our December Frenzy is now here. There are a range of products available at up to 50% off. Now it is on a first come first served basis so when we have run out of certain products then they will revert back to normal pricing. Click here to go to the PDF or check out below for a list of items available at a reduced price.

ItemPageDescriptionDiscountRetail  PriceSale Price
12059722Welcome Christmas Clear-Mount Set50%$39.95$19.98
12158422Welcome Christmas Wood-Mount Set50%$49.95$24.98
11771528I {Heart} Hearts Wood-Mount Set40%$42.95$25.77
12152835Got Treats Wood-Mount Set40%$40.95$24.57
11769942Something Sweet Wood-Mount Set40%$44.95$26.97
11668646For Everything Wood-Mount Set40%$47.95$28.77
11916367Cottage Garden Wood-Mount Set50%$32.95$16.48
12150872Every Moment Wood-Mount Set40%$31.95$19.17
12148074Awash with Flowers Wood-Mount Set40%$71.95$43.17
12152275Friends Never Fade Wood-Mount Set50%$31.95$15.98
12061875Friends Never Fade Clear-Mount Set40%$25.95$15.57
12160075Ornate Blossom Wood-Mount Set40%$19.95$11.97
12355188Clearly For You Wood-Mount Set40%$47.95$28.77
12384896Chloe Stampin Around Builder Wheel40%$9.95$5.97
116911126Padded Envelopes (3)40%$6.50$3.90
119263138Poppy Parade 1/2'' Stitched-Poly Ribbon30%$16.95$11.87
119267138Blushing Bride 1/2'' Stitched-Poly Ribbon30%$16.95$11.87
119731143Regals Flower Brads30%$16.95$11.87
119730143Neutrals Flower Brads30%$16.95$11.87
118762146Distressing Essentials30%$37.95$26.57
103179149Craft & Rubber Scissors30%$37.95$26.57
112531149Circle Scissor Plus Glass Mat30%$37.95$26.57

I will be back later to show you my first card in my count down to Christmas. Yes that means I will be posting every day from now until Christmas - well that is the plan.

Thanks for looking.

'Til next time,


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